We, at Celebration CrossFit, are in the business of changing lives. Maybe through exercise, maybe through nutrition, maybe through the support people need. But we can’t do that entirely by ourselves. We need our members to take on their goal of improving their lives by taking small steps outside the gym as well. If you want to get better at anything, specially your health, you need to win the day.

Give a man a fish, he won’t be hungry today. If you teach a man how to fish, he won’t be hungry ever again.

That is what winning the day is about. Every day you wake up with a scale. Not a bathroom weight scale. But a scale that measures and compares your good and bad decisions. We know that in order for us to keep making progress, we need that scale to tip on the side of good decisions. Getting little sleep, binge eating and getting overly stressed at work will tip the scale to the negative side. Working out, getting 10 thousands steps a day, eating whole foods and staying hydrated will help you balance that scale.

If you improve by 1% a day, after a year you will be 38 times better than you were.

One thing most people need to understand is that they don’t need to win the day by a landslide. Not every day will be perfect. Some days are just boring or hard to make the tough decisions. But this is a game of momentum and inches. As long as that scale is tipping the right way, progress will happen.

Keep the choices simple and small. Big wins/ big losses can sometimes disrupt the momentum created. “I did really good yesterday, I can slack off a little today” and “I totally tanked yesterday, there is no way I can do this” are some common thoughts after that disruption. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and it sure wasn’t destroyed in one either.

By keeping your choices small, you give yourself some room to slack a little, or make up for an inevitable bad decision. It also gives you the opportunity to praise yourself multiple times a day for making good decisions. A good rule to have is to “never make 2 bad decisions in a row”. So if you had a bad lunch and you know you will go out to eat for dinner, get a good decision in between (like working out, walking the dog, etc) so you can balance them out.

Every day is scale is reset. Every day is an opportunity to win the day. Keep the decisions small, accumulate good points and end everyday with the scale tipping on your favor and you will see results. If you have any questions on what good decisions are, or need help in making those good decisions, come by Celebration CrossFit and talk to one of your coaches!


by Coach Matt