My favorite time of year has ended. The CrossFit Open has come and gone. With it, a new season has started. We’ve been given another year to work on our weakness and improve our strengths, work on being healthier and fitter. Let’s take everything we learned through the past 5 weeks and come up with a plan on how to work on those.

As we all know, goals have to be SMART: specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and time-specific. The CrossFit Open helps us with creating goals that fit all of those characteristics. We learned exactly what we can and can’t do, what we are good at and not so good at, what we like to do and what we would love to never have to do again. So how can we use the Open to achieve our new goals?

Create new goals.

First step would be to create new goals. As you should be evolving over time, so should be your goals. Maybe you were focused on getting strong, but during the Open you saw that you were actually pretty decent in the strength department. Maybe the focus should become something else. Aside from creating a goal that is SMART, the other important part would be to share your goal. Tell it to the people that are important to you (research has shown that if people know your goal, you have a bigger chance in succeeding), and make sure your coach knows it as well. We can work with you to help you get to where you want to be. If you haven’t scheduled a Goal Setting Session this year, make sure you do before January!

Sticking to the standards.

If this was your first Open, you probably received a “no rep” here or there. During regular training sessions we are not so strict with ourselves and will most likely let a bad rep slip by. But in the Open we are not allowed to do that. Sticking to the standards helps create discipline, it makes sure we are doing all the work and it will help with efficiency and technique.

Attack your weaknesses.

During the past 5 weeks, mostly likely you ran into a movement that you were unable to do. Maybe it was a modality that you had trouble with (weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, cardio, etc). The first step is acknowledge it. Next we need to figure out how to get better at those things. There are many ways to improve in specific areas of your fitness, the best thing to do would be to come chat with your coach!

Get to know your body.

We know training is only part of fitness. Nutrition, sleep, recovery and stress are some of the “out of the gym” factors. One thing that is important to do, is to figure out how those things affect you and how you can optimize their contribution. Is it beneficial for you to workout for 5 days in a row and take 2 days off? Should you be eating 5 small meals instead of 3 big meals? Maybe you need to be getting a little more sleep at night.

The Open is a great way to measure our fitness. Once we figure out where we are at, the next step is to make a plan and create goals to where we want to go. If you need any help on this process, come chat with your Celebration CrossFit coaches!


by Coach Matt