Being a gym close to Disney (and hosting many drop-in’s) and have members that travel a lot for work has taught us one thing: it might be challenging to work out while away from home. But if you are a constant traveler or if you just can’t go without your sweat sesh you might just have to find a way to get a work out in. Don’t let “I don’t know what to do when I’m away” be an excuse for you not to train while traveling. Here’s a few options for you to stay active away from home.

  • Find a CrossFit gym to drop-in at.

It might sound cliche, but CrossFit is one big family. Most gyms will be glad to have you drop-in for a workout with the class. What might feel like an intimidating experience at first may turn out to be a learning one and a good workout. It is also nice to have a new perspective on how other gyms run their classes and how other coaches teach each movement. T-shirts from other gyms are like stamps from different locations and are often collectibles for athletes. So don’t be afraid to drop-in and experience a CrossFit group class in a different gym. That is the best workout you’re going to get away from home.

  • Using a home or hotel gym.

If you are used to group classes, having a set agenda and a coach telling you what to do and how to do it, walking in a hotel gym might feel quite different. Usually what you’ll see is a bunch of treadmills, some dumbbells (maybe a few kettlebells) and a few machines. Not what you are used to seeing in a CrossFit gym. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them in a CrossFit workout! If you’re by yourself, I suggest a little circuit-like training where you go from movement to movement. EMOM’s or AMRAP’s work great for this! Choose 4 or 5 movements and move consistently through them. If you’re not alone in the gym, don’t be that person using 5 machines or spaces for one workout! Couplets or triplets are good for those situations. 21-15-9’s are a good template to use. Dumbbell squats and thrusters. Minimal space, maximum effort, great workout.

  • No gym in sight.

What if your vacation is to an isolated place? Or you don’t have a gym close to where you’re staying and you have limited time? Again, not an excuse! In CrossFit we do a multitude of body-weight movements, which can always be combined with running or jump-roping¬† to get a sweat on. Running, squats, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, lunges, and the plank are a few examples of movements that require no equipment. Keep these workouts short and intense. Don’t forget to post on social media! We all know it didn’t really happen if you don’t post about it!

On our Facebook page we also have “At home workouts” that require minimum equipment that you can do at home or away, so check them out as well! Our goal at Celebration CrossFit is to make fitness and health your LIFESTYLE. So don’t let where you are, or who you’re with or what you have access to, keep you from working on your fitness.


by Coach Matt