Fitness can be more complicated than it has to be. More often than not, new tools and gadgets are invented to “improve” your fitness, or “work your muscles out in a way it has never been done before”, or something that will make you “burn 3 times more calories and tone that booty”. But we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You have everything you need, right now, to do the best exercise of them all: walking.

Walking is exercising.

People usually think about high intensity, longer duration training when they think about exercising. Some may even turn away from walking as an exercise, but I am going to argue that you should see walking as perhaps the best thing you can do for your overall health.

Going for a walk has been shown to improve multiple health factors. Decrease the risk of heart disease, check. Improve pulmonary and cardiac capacity, check. Strengthening of muscles, bones and reducing body fat, also check. It might not be as impactful as other forms of exercising, but it still gets the job done. Also, it probably has the best benefit/risk ratio out of any exercise routine. You will probably not pull a muscle, fall, or overtrain from walking.

Walking will improve every aspect of your health.

The second reason why you need to walk more is the mental benefits. It’s been reported that walking helps boost mood, calm our mind, get our creative juices flowing and improve self-esteem. Most of the time, when we exercise, we become more stressed (physically), which can affect us mentally. Walking is a form of exercise that will not mentally drain us. Too sore for the gym? Take a walk. No time for a class? Go for a walk. No energy? You guessed it, go walk.

But more importantly, walking gives you an opportunity to connect. Connect with nature, with the place you live in, with your loved ones. When was the last time you took a big breath of fresh air? Or looked at the trees, houses, animals around where you live? Instead of sleeping in, take your dog out for a nice morning walk. Is your spouse stressed after a hard day at work? Wind down by going on a walk. I’m sure they will appreciate it, and feel better afterwards.

Some of the most interesting things I’ve seen and some of the most interesting people I’ve met where from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off the bus one stop early, or walking to a coffee shop instead of staying home watching tv. Going for a walk can have multiple positive consequences on your day and well-being.

Finally, the reason why we exercise so hard in the gym is to be able to enjoy life outside of it. After spending hours and hours pushing our bodies and challenging yourselves, make sure you take your fitness and do something with it. Go enjoy a nice walk with your loved ones, wind down after a long week and connect with your environment.

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by Coach Matt