The CrossFit Open is upon us… again. Less than a year ago, we took part in the biggest worldwide fitness competition in the world. Because of the changes made by CrossFit about its season, we are faced with doing the Open once again. If you don’t know what the Open is, or why you should absolutely do it, here is your answer!

What is the CrossFit Games Open?

It started in 2011, as a mean to further filter the amount of athletes that went to the CrossFit Games. Last year, over 430,000 people registered for the Open. Not everybody is looking to go to the CrossFit Games. For many people, this is the one competition they do all year. Mostly because of the environment and who they are doing it with. Anybody, worldwide, can register for this competition. As long as they can have a certified judge and the necessary equipment, they can compete. The Open lasts for 5 weeks, with one workout released per week on Thursdays. Over the course of these 5 weeks, athletes around the globe will complete a different workout each week (with options of scaling the workout) with the goal of giving their best, having fun and improving their fitness.

But, as the Open evolved, people started associating the Open with “competition”. That is the number 1 thing I hear people say as a reason to not sign up. The images of people going above and beyond their limits for a score is what people thought of. Which in part affected the event negatively. Most of us didn’t start CrossFit to compete. We workout to have fun, get a better quality of life and do things that we couldn’t before. So why would we compete in the Open?

Why do the Open?

Think about the Open as the end-of-the-year company party. It’s a celebration of your hard work throughout the year. It’s a realization of where your hard work has led you to. You will be surrounded by colleagues and friends who support you and have been by you during this year of growth. It’s a time when the entire gym comes together to celebrate the milestones that have happened within this past year.

Out of the 430,000 people that registered for the Open a couple years ago, only 1,600 people qualified for Regionals. So only 0.3% of all people that competed moved on to the next stage. Chances are that none of them workout at your gym. So it’s not about competition, it’s not about qualifying to the next stage and it’s definitely not about seeing who’s the best. The Open is about our community of people, who chose to prioritize their health. People who wanted to do something about their fitness and improve their quality of life. People who wanted to spend more time with their kids, take on a new hobby, have more energy and/or get rid of chronic diseases.

You can absolutely do the workouts without signing up for the Open. But we all know we wouldn’t try as hard, we wouldn’t stick to the standards and we wouldn’t care as much. Once in a while it is good to be judged in a workout where you give your all. It will show your weaknesses and what you need to work on. It will also give you a score to beat net year. Afterall, CrossFit and fitness is all about seeing improvements. The Open is for everyone. It’s your chance to see how far you’ve come, find out what hard work can do for you, maybe get a PR or two and discover what you need to work on for next year’s Open! Sign up today!

If you have any questions about the Open, come chat with your Celebration CrossFit coaches!


by Coach Matt