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While on vacation I dropped in for a partner workout. Everyone was friendly and quickly included me. The WoD helped me burn off the vacation garbage food that I had been eating. I was both pushed and encouraged by the staff.


Great staff of Coaches, and Owner. I had a drop-In for 21.1 as I was also doing family Vacation in Celebration FL. Coaches/Owner (Keren) responded over the Weekend that they could host me and judge on 21.1 that Monday morning. Super clean/sanitized box; and all the equipment you’d want or have a love/hate relationship with (echo bike, GHD) Coach Matt welcomed me and gave me an area to warm up as the 6AM class was in session.

I’ll be back again soon as I like staying in Celebration for the parks. I look forward to joining you guys on a WOD next time. Thanks again for your support, btw my home box Coach appreciates you too 👊🏽


This is a great place to your workout done around professional coaches and a groups of athletes that are just more than that! Coaches are always attentive and accommodating! They are always open to give feedback in the moment to make sure I do the movements right! Great Box! Great CrossFit community!


The owners, the coaches, and the members were all so inviting from the minute I walked through the front door, I was treated as if I were a part of their community and wasn’t spared when it came to encouragement and coaching tips. The atmosphere is wonderful, it’s a great place to workout and become a better person wether you want to be stronger, faster, more flexible . It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or not, Celebration CrossFit is for everyone! Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area!💪