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I’ve been a member for 18 months and literally could not function without Celebration CrossFit. I am NOT a natural athlete. I’m a busy working dad with young family and the 4 times a week I come here keep me feeling healthy and sane! I lost 40# in my first 3 months and I’ve kept it off despite not having the healthiest diet. Life’s a balancing act, right?! The coaches are very supportive but more importantly the whole atmosphere is one of genuine support and admiration of the achievements we make each week together!


Highly recommend this box! My wife and I dropped in today and it was nothing short of great. Excellent coach (Jack) and programming. Everything flowed smoothly from warm up. strength piece to metcon. Very clean and clever use of the space. Will certainly drop in again when we visit Orlando. Thanks again!!!


Celebration Crossfit is a hidden Orlando attraction. Great environment, dedicated and professional coaches, amazing athletes in a excellent location. In the past two weeks I have been training with them and they made me feel like I was training in my hometown gym. I definitely recommend them to anyone visiting (work or vacation) Orlando. A big thanks to Erik and his staff to make me feel welcome!


I was visiting from Tampa and decided to visit this place based on the good reviews. This place may look small BUT the use of space is maximized to accommodate everyone working out without feeling overcrowded at any moment. The coach was very knowledgeable and the community was very encouraging and motivating. Thank you all for a great workout!!!