The Open is Over, Now What?

What sets CrossFit apart from any other fitness program? It’s the fact that the skills we develop are truly testable and measureable. Coaches and clients can look at the data, and say without question, “We are fitter than we were a year ago!” That is one of the reason why, for 5 weeks in late February/early March, we, as CrossFit athletes, are given a series of workouts to see what our bodies are truly capable of doing. This test of fitness is also known as The Open.

By no means am I a “great” CrossFitter – you know, those ripped guys and gals your see on TV. But, I love training for the unknown and unknowable. I love pushing my mind and body to its limits. Out of 227,591 men, I finished in 102,997th. Sure, I can make excuses… “my back hurt, the judge messed my time up, the new handstand push-up standard was hard, and I missed the 5th workout.” Instead, I’m excited to get back into the gym, and work on my weaknesses. After all, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Take a deep look at yourself and your performance. What did you perform well at over the course of the 5 weeks? What did you struggle with? How was your mental game during your workouts? Were you worried about others, or did you stay within your own performance? How did your pre-workout plan and expectations play out? Did you over-estimate or underestimate? Once we answer those questions, we can ask the important question, “What can you do THIS year to ensure that you do better NEXT year?”

We are 3 months into the New Year. Did you improve your fitness since January 1st? Now is a great time to sit down, recalibrate, and write down new goals. At Celebration CrossFit, we want to do everything we can to keep you on track, and ensure that you are continuously improving. If you want to get better, be sure to book your free 30-minute goal setting session today by clicking here!

In Strength,

Erik Lipetz

The Open