Nutrition: Putting it First
How many hours do you spend at the gym? You are most likely spending 1 hour a day, or 3-5 hours a week working hard to achieve your weight loss goals. Of course, what you do at the gym is an integral part of looking and feeling better, but it is not THE deciding factor. 

You spend another 23 hours outside of the gym each day. What you do during these hours will play a much bigger role in your success than what you are doing for that one hour each day.

Consider this: If you go to the gym for one hour, and then eat an entire pizza for lunch, will the workout offset the pizza? No!

We put nutrition first because nutrition is what will get you to your goals. 90% of our clients have goals of either losing weight or improving athletic performance–both of these can only be achieved through eating correctly.

Nutrition is not just about how you look either, it is also about how you feel. How do you feel throughout the day? If you feel sluggish and tired, it is directly related to what you ate. If you feel energetic and productive, it is related to what you ate.

Because of how important nutrition is to your health, as well as disease prevention, we are working on something BIG at Celebration CrossFit regarding nutrition.

We are going to start sharing nutrition tips, videos, recipes, blog posts, articles and MUCH more with the goal of supporting you on your journey. We are also going to launch a Box-wide nutrition challenge Early June (just a handful of weeks away). So, let us help you make the correct nutrition choices.

Proper nutrition has everything to do with a “healthy” relationship with food, NOT fads and gimmicks. And, making the correct choices for YOUR body will get you to those goals faster than you ever expected! So, stay tuned for all of our “healthy” updates.

Foodies Unite,

Coach Keren