One of the things that bothers me the most when I talk to people about being fit and healthy is the notion that it’s easy. Being in shape and eating right is not easy; if it was, everyone would do it. The world would be a better place and health insurance premiums would be lower. The truth is though, being in shape is hard work. It takes discipline, determination, humility, resilience…the list goes on an on. Since it’s hard to stay on track, most of us rely on experts to help us with our training: we pay gym memberships, personal training sessions, subscribe to online programs, you name it. We realize that we need help and guidance to achieve the best results.

For some reason however, less people are inclined to invest in nutrition guidance. We might think that food is our comfort, we have our culture and traditions and don’t want anyone coming to change that for us. Or we might think that we are able to hold ourselves accountable for our nutrition without any assistance. The truth is, that nutrition is at the base of our health and fitness efforts. We cannot out-train a bad diet (trust me, I’ve tired). Nutrition is a tricky part because we don’t see immediate results, we don’t get short of breath or super sweaty. That is exactly why we need someone to help us stay on track on the long journey to better health with our nutrition. Today, I want to talk about why you should work with a nutrition coach.

The coach is in your corner.

When you work with a coach you are guaranteed an empathetic person that understands your lifestyle and your struggles. While at the same time, provides you with strategies to overcome your obstacles and reach your goals.

You have a personalized plan.

There is only one of you, thus you deserve a plan that is tailored to you. When you work with a nutrition coach, we together find out what motivates you. Then we use it to set you up for success.

Your coach keeps you accountable.

The hardest thing to do when trying to be healthier is following through on our initial determination. It is very easy to get discouraged or tired at some point in the journey. Your coach will make sure that you stay motivated and remember your “why”.

Timely feedback.

Having a coach takes the guess-work out of nutrition. You will have someone who will give you feedback to continue making better choices. 

Your own source of information.

There are 1000s of sites you can search on the internet in order to find the answers to your questions. What is the better protein for you? Should you use a meal prep service? How many calories should you eat? How do you know if the information is accurate and works for you? Your nutrition coach is trained to know the science behind eating and will be your source of information. Let him/her be the “google search”, you just enjoy the results. 

You have a reason to stick to your goals.

When you make a financial investment in yourself, it motivates you to work hard. We don’t work for free things, we need some skin in the game…. that motivates us. When we are paying for a service, then we use that investment to “stick with it”.

You get a tailored recipe connoisseur.

Want a recipe for healthier muffins, tomato soup, appetizers for a party? Your coach has your back. Just ask, and you shall receive. 

You have power over how you utilize your coach.

Your accountability is important and your coach is there to help you be successful. If you need help making good choices at the grocery store? Go food shopping with your coach. Don’t know how to cook and need some help figuring out simple recipes? Have a cooking party with your coach. The point is that you get what you need from your coach. The options are endless. At Celebration CrossFit we are committed to getting you healthier. Talk to any of the coaches about our nutrition services, we will be happy to help.

by coach Keren