And just like that, we have entered 2019! A full year has ended and a new one is just starting. If you look around you (mostly on social media) you will be overwhelmed by year recaps, new year resolutions and positive statements about 2019. Although I am not someone for bland statements and resolutions, I think “new year, new me” has its upsides.

Let’s start with the negatives about “new year, new me”. You are not a new person. Nothing has changed from December 31st to January 1st. Saying and believing this will only last for a few days, during the “New year” season. But it is a step in the right direction. It shows you know there is something that can be improved and that you do desire to change it. Talking is the first step, action is the second.

Also, “new year” is vague. February 11th is a “new year” from February 11th of last year. Avoid using a specific time as an excuse to take action. We see this a lot during the Holiday season. “I’ll just eat like this for now, I’ll start eating better after the New Year”. You want to change? Just do it, now.

But it also has its positives. Like mentioned above, saying “new me” implies that you know something is not the way you wanted it to be and you would like to improve on that. The New Year is the best time to reflect on what you have been doing. How was your 2018? Did you make good choices? Did you make bad choices? Where did those choices lead? By reflecting on this you can pin point what worked for you and what can be improved upon. It is important to understand what choices have brought you to where you are right now. I would like you to apply this reflection to every part of your life: Friendships, family, fitness, food, community, so on.

Once you pondered and examined your past, let it go. You only have right now, and the choices you make today will shape how you live in 2019. You only have 364 more days this year. Do you want to get better at something? Start now. This is another task to do at New Years. Find out what your goals are. Time has passed and you may have changed your goals. So it’s important to re-evaluate so you stay on the right track.

You have a clean slate for 2019. This year is full of opportunities and we want to help you make the most out of them!


In CrossFit we test and re-test workouts pretty often. It’s always exciting to see how much you have improved since last time you finished that same workout. The New Year is the real-life functional equivalent of that in our lives. Don’t waste time. Come talk to a Celebration CrossFit coach and let’s shape your 2019 the way YOU want it to be.


by Coach Matt