You may be shocked to hear this, but the two most challenging aspects of losing weight and getting healthy have nothing to do with nutrition and working out.  You may be thinking, “Wait, aren’t those the ONLY two aspects of losing weight?” Yes, eating correctly and staying active are the actions you need to take to reach your goals, but they are not the most challenging part. The most challenging parts are actually:

1. Changing your habits
2. Being patient

In essence, the most challenging parts have nothing to do with the actions that you take, but more so with how you think about the entire process. Let’s look at each part separately.

Changing your habits

It’s time to face it: your habits got you to where you are now. If you find yourself in an unhealthy place then you have your habits to blame. One dictionary defines a habit as an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary; and that is what makes habits so hard to break: we have grown so accustomed to the things we do that they become involuntary. We fall into making unhealthy decisions without even thinking about it.

When we start a new nutrition or exercise routine, we can stick with it for some time but if we don’t try to break our habits we will inevitably fall back into our old ways. That is what makes losing weight so hard to achieve, because we need to change our habits to have long lasting results. Changing things for 3 months and then going back to our old ways will most likely leave us worse than when we started. Realizing this fact is closely related to the second challenge: being patient.

Be Patient

We are surrounded by propaganda that offers quick fixes. Everywhere you look there is a new “fix” to help you “lose 30 pounds in one month without dieting” or giving you “5 everyday tips to help you lose 10 inches off your waist in 10 days” (insert eye roll here). All of these gimmicks and fake promises have developed an ideology of quick fixes, and few people are willing to wait for change.

Getting out of the “quick fix” mentality is a real challenge. It is difficult and many times disappointing to work hard on our workouts or our nutrition to see small changes or no changes at all. That is why patience is one of the biggest challenges anybody faces when trying to achieve long lasting results in their fitness journey.

Anyone can start eating healthy and start working out, but the mindset and expectations you go into it with matter. Where most people fail is doing it for the long term-months and years of implementing healthy habits. Be honest with yourself before starting the process. Consider the fact that your current habits got you to where you are and it took you years to get there. If you need any help setting realistic expectations and figuring out what habits you can change, talk to any of the coaches at Celebration CrossFit. We are here to help.

by Coach Keren