Laura Sirbu, “My Story” — Celebration CrossFit Athlete Feature

Everyone, MEET LAURA!!! Not only is Laura a KICKASS CrossFitter, but she is also a Wife, Mom, Veteran & Entrepreneur! Laura started at Celebration CrossFit a little over a year and a half ago, and has made outstanding physical and mental changes to her body & spirit!

Laura recently gave us the “scoop” on her time with us here at Celebration CrossFit thus far, and her words were nothing short of inspiring! Check it out below:


What brought you to Celebration CrossFit in the first place?

“I wanted to loose a few pounds. I was a former smoker who put on a few pounds when I quit 6 years ago. Then I put on a few more pounds once I had my only son at age 37. After that, I was diagnosed with PTSD which came with severe anxiety & insomnia, and went through treatment trying several different kinds of medications which put even more weight on me. I’m happy to say through therapy I am no longer in need of those medications!! However, the weight stayed. During therapy we discussed finding something I could do to be active because the weight gain was becoming expensive due to buying larger clothes to feel comfortable. I happened to drive by and see the Celebration CrossFit sign. My best friend (who lives soooo far away….) does CrossFit, so I talked to her about it & she said I would love it. So, I got up the nerve to call for my free consultation & I was off from there.”

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

“I took the Couch to CrossFit class and remember watching everyone thinking, “I better be on my game or they will not accept me.” That changed real quick. There was NO judging, only friendly people saying hello to me every day & cheering me on. I read the rules on the board and knew immediately that this was the place I could go and hang out & feel better. The coaches care about you here at CCF. They motivate you to do better, but not at the expense of injuring yourself. They legitimately want you to be the best version of yourself.”

What was you first big win or accomplishment?

“Deadlifting 125lbs… I remember feeling super that day!”

What are you working on now?

“Trying to go RX at the speed of my scaled workouts, loosing the rest of my love handles, & making more friends as they join our family here at CCF!”

What is your favorite memory at Celebration CrossFit?

“The 2017 Open, hands down. Great times & made lots of new friends from the evening classes! The camaraderie at this Box is amazing. It is the reason I love it here so much!
CCF is the BEST!!! You gave me my life back!!! I can’t thank you guys enough & will always work hard to make you guys proud.”



Over this past weekend, Laura competed in the Festivus Games with Nanette (a fellow CCF Athlete) and they took 6th place out of many teams. Great job ladies!!!!


Laura, keep up the great work. You are the epitome of one of my favorite quotes, “Earned, Not Given” — So, in that case… NEVER change!