As the Open has been approaching, we’ve been talking about what it is, why you should do it and what it means. The first workout is released this Thursday, when we have our first Open Throwdown. Most of us will get to do the workout on Friday, during regular group classes. Like we talked about previously, the Open is probably the best time for you to “test your fitness”. If you have done the Open before you can compare how you’ve done in the past years, and if you haven’t, you can compare with how far you’ve come since you started and how you do in group workouts (because most people tend to really give their best during Open workouts). Also, you will most likely, and probably only want to, do the workout once. So how do we prepare for the Open?

Up until Thursday night, no one will have an idea of what the workout will be. We won’t know the movements, the rep schemes, the time cap or the type of workout. But we will be able to watch our fellow athletes at CCF during the Throwdown. That is one way of seeing what the workout is like, what will be hard, what the pace should be and where we can push a little harder. If you are not doing the Throwdown you can also reflect on it until it’s your turn, and come up with a strategy that follows your proficiency in these movements.

Every Open workout is different and every workout will require a different set of skills. Some are easier for us and some are not so easy. But the goal of the Open is for us to give our best in each workout. So don’t compare what your movements are like against other people. Make sure you are strategizing according to the best YOU can do.

Regarding pre-workout, the routine is the same as normal group classes. General warm-up and specific warm up. Get the blood flowing, then get the muscle groups that you will use firing as well. Get a few reps in with the weight that you will use and the style of movement you will do. Do not worry about “saving energy”. It’s better to feel and know what the movement feels like than to go in unprepared.

During the workout is where the fun begins. It’s when you get to go out there and get cheered on by your friends, get a sweat on and just have fun. Try to stick to your game plan and enjoy the moment. It’s better to finish strong than to start out strong and hit that wall early! Soon after you will feel that sense of accomplishment and you get to celebrate with your friends the fact that you finished an Open workout.

These next few weeks promise to be challenging but rewarding. The Open is 5 weeks of fun, community building workouts that I am excited to have you here for! Let’s get those PR’s, smash those workouts and have a good time!


by Coach Matt