Last week, we dove in the reasons why the New Years is an important time to set your resolutions for 2019. That is no shocker. But most people do not know how to properly set goals. The difference between dreams and goals is the clear vision of what it will take you to get there. Stop dreaming of what life could be and let’s start creating our way there!

Over 90% of the population does not write down on paper what they want their life to be like. Read that statement again. That is regarding their nutrition, fitness, careers and relationships alike. All they have is a mental picture of what “perfection” looks like. It is extremely difficult to trace a specific path to the destination from a mental picture.

A good way to start creating resolutions is by using the SMART system.


Specific- The image of your goal has to be clear. “I want a bigger house” is very different from “I want a house with 3 bedrooms, a big yard, french doors and a pool”. By using the latter one, you can identify if a house (big or not) have the specific details that will make you happy. You can compromise and see what it takes to get you that house. Being specific keeps you working toward EXACTLY what you want. Be as clear as you can be.

Measurable- Your resolutions should be measurable at any point of your journey. “I’m eating better” is not measurable. You could have switches oreos for bananas, but if you are eating 3 times as much now, you are not eating better. If you can’t compare where you are right now, to where you started, and to where you’ll be in a few weeks, you cannot know if you are walking toward the destination. Measure your progress in as many variables as possible.

Attainable- There is a fine line between setting a goal that is too difficult and one that is not that ambitious. “I want to be a millionaire” is specific and measurable, but how attainable is it? Instead, think about what you’d like to use that money for. “I want to be able to travel more” is a lot more attainable. Making sure your resolutions are achievable will make every step toward it seem like a huge win. Give yourself a goal that you can start working on right NOW.

Relevant- This kind of ties in with the one above. Your goal should work in conjunction with your other goals in life. Every path you have constructed should guide you to a single point, and not stray away from your other goals. “I want to train harder this year” might go against your goal to “travel more often”. Goals change and resolutions should evolve as you go through life. Dive in within yourself to find out what’s the TRUE reason you want something. Find what what will make you happy today, this year.

Time bound- Write your goal down, then write the exact date you want to have that goal by. Also, make it not longer than 1 year. We want to work toward it right now. If you don’t be realistic with your resolutions you won’t have a reason to work on it today. That will allow you to be able to measure your progress compared to where you should be. Keep yourself accountable for your own journey toward your resolutions.

Although this process is commonly known and talked about, people still fail to follow through with it. The truth behind it is: it’s not that easy to create a resolution. It takes time and effort to come up with goals that follow these principles. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Come talk to one of your Celebration CrossFit coaches and we can create your resolutions together! Book your free Goal Setting Session now!


by Coach Matt