Fitness Coaching… is it Worth the Money??

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Fitness Coaching… is it Worth the Money??

Fitness Coaching… is it Worth the Money??

Long before my CrossFit days, I belonged to a big brand fitness gym. You know, the type of gym with every type of fancy machine, mirrors, and T.V’s everywhere? Like most people, I signed up because I was ready to get in shape. Hell, it was only $30 a month, right? But, around week 6, I started getting bored. The only people present to motivate me were too busy staring at themselves in the mirror, or better yet, they were looking at their phones. I found myself making excuses to skip more often than not. There was ZERO accountability. I had given them thousands of dollars over the years without getting anything out of it. Unfortunately, this is the same sad story for millions of people.

One of the biggest challenges the common gym goer faces, is the lack of knowledge regarding how to actually get real results. They don’t understand the human body, it’s anatomy, and or how it functions. Or, how to get the body in an optimal metabolic zone to burn fat and keep lean muscle. Instead, they look at what body-builder Joe is doing across the room, and tries to imitate that.

When I need serious results for something I truly value, I seek out professional help. I’m not going to read up on every subject, and then take the time to master it, every time I need help. I’m going to seek out a true professional and get great results. For example, if I have broken tooth, I am not going to read up on how to DIY my broken tooth. What do I do instead? I go to a dentist. And, I continue going to that dentist for preventative care.

Here’s a recent example from my own life… my wife and I took our dogs to an obedience trainer a month ago. 4 weeks later we picked them up, and they were soldiers. Our quality of life has improved 10-fold, and so did theirs. Was it expensive? Absolutely. But, it was worth every dollar because there is no way we could have gotten the same results doing the training ourselves.

It comes down to your values. Do you value having a BMW, or would you rather have 20 more years to spend with your loved ones because you did the right thing and got healthy? It’s a no brainer, you cannot enjoy life if it’s cut short. The fine folks at Celebration CrossFit understand this. They value their health and fitness, that’s why they come see us multiple times a week. Sure, they can spend $30 a month at a globo gym. But, will they see great results? I highly doubt it.

Are we more expensive than the gym down the street? Maybe. But, the athletes at our gym get to keep the doctor away. They are incredibly fit and healthy. We have 50 year olds who have more energy than when they were in their 30s. We keep our athletes motivated and hold them accountable. They stay on track with their fitness because we lay it all out for them through coaching. All they need to do is show up and work hard.


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