Fitness as an Anti-Depressant

The benefits regular exercise has on one’s mind is well documented and, subsequently, one’s body. But, simply presenting and knowing the benefits is half of the battle. We all know of one of our own habits that is detrimental to our health, but we can’t seem to give it up. It may be too much sugar in your coffee, a sedentary lifestyle, or even the lack of a constant routine. So, how do we keep engaged in activities that are good for us without losing motivation to keep going?

That has been the golden question. The simplest example is with diets. If you ever done one of the fad diets, you know it’s been, at least, a struggle to keep up with it. This situation is aggravated by other personal, social, and lifestyle challenges you are going through. It is exponentially hard to stick to anything if you are not mentally winning the battle between motivation and complacency. The question remains, what can we do if we have a hard time staying with a plan, specially, if it involves a tough activity like working out?
Working out, for the most part, is uncomfortable and difficult. You push your physical limit and get sweaty and sore for future gains. It takes motivation and dedication to take time to go to the gym and exercise. Those traits are often determined by one’s mood and thoughts.  As a health indication, it is advised that athletes who struggle with motivation, or even in more severe cases, depression and anxiety take action to improve their chances of success by:


  • Set aside a consistent time to exercise every day, but do not get discouraged by stretches of inactivity. Resume activities as soon as possible.
  • Keep a log to track progress.
  • Vary the exercises to avoid monotony. Keep the workout interesting and fun.
  • Exercise with a friend.
  • Task someone with holding you accountable for maintaining the exercise regimen.


Does any of that sound familiar? It should! These are all encouraged at Celebration CrossFit! We have group classes every day. You will always be able to fit a Personal Training Session or Group Class into your schedule. And, if you miss one day, don’t worry, we will always be here the tomorrow! We keep track of your fitness overtime to make sure you are always making progress. Our group classes are great for making friends. From partner workouts to sharing equipment, you will meet those working out with you. Many of our members have found life long friends by participating in our Group Classes. The foundation of CrossFit philosophy involves “constantly varied” workouts. You will never be bored! Finally, our coaches are great for holding you accountable. We check in regularly with our members because we genuinely care for each and every one of them.

So, do you want to make a long lasting change in your life? Improve your health and fitness? Stick to something you’ll love and will work for you? Come try us out! Sign up for a No Sweat Intro HERE

by Coach Matt