Here it is, that time of the year. Most people love the holiday season. A time to gather with family, be thankful for what we have, give back to those in need and, of course… receive gifts! But it is also a time where people tend to slack off on their diet and workout routine. Maybe that’s part of why people like to say “new year, new me” right after the holiday season. Don’t let that be you. Here’s how you can stay on track during the merrier time of the year.

Don’t skip meals.

The biggest reason why not to skip a meal is not due to lack of energy and nutrition it will result in. It is because of why you are doing it. “I’m not going to eat breakfast so I can eat a ton of turkey and potatoes during lunch.”, we’ve all been there. Stick to multiple meals with snacks during the day and you will find yourself not stuffing your mouth with delicious, but not so healthy, holiday food.

Don’t change your schedule.

It’s easy, on the days off during holiday season, to plan a day of “staying in, watch sports on tv, eat and just hang out”. But remember, easy is not what got you where you are now. A break in the routine can have a domino effect. If it’s a day that you normally wake up early and workout, try to keep it that way to a degree. Working out doesn’t have to be coming to the gym, it can be a family activity outside or a morning run. It will be easier to come back to normal routine if you never really deviate from it.

Cook the necessary amount.

This is a tough one, as we either have family or friends coming in for holiday meals. But having more than enough food out will likely lead to overeating. “Have another plate, look how much I’ve made!”, or “I am going to have leftover for days” are normal conversation topics during the holidays. Cook the right amount and everyone will be satisfied and ready to tackle on the rest of the day, instead of needing to unbuckle the belt and a power nap.

Set small nutritional goals.

This one is understated. Emphasis on the word ‘small’. If you go to a feast and tell yourself you will only have on plate, chances are that’s not going to work. But if, for a week prior, you set a goal of drinking more fluids throughout the day, it will be easier to do that on the big day. That can help with appetite control. Another option is to get in a habit of having a max of 1 spoon of carbs per meal. Something that you can stick to easily and that it will not be a hassle when you come across a big meal.

It’s all about the carbs.

This is the big enemy during the holiday season. Rolls, sweets, potatoes, chips, pasta and rice and a few of the stars during big meals. Trying to control how much of these you eat is the best thing you can do to get through the holiday season without any damage. “You can’t outwork a bad diet” is a famous saying that is not said enough. Be mindful of goes in your body so when the holidays are over it will be “new year, same you”.

Lastly, choose healthy options!

There are a few ways of making foods healthier. And they’re just as delicious. Substitute sugary ice cream with protein ice cream, cook cauliflower rice and try some zucchini pasta. That are many options for healthy cooking today and recipes are all over the internet. So this could be an opportunity to try something different, and make an impact in everybody’s life gathered around to eat with you.

Holiday season is a special time and only comes once a year. Appreciate this time with your family and friends and eat some yummy foods. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. If you need help with some healthy food options for the holidays or someone to keep you accountable, come chat with your Celebration CrossFit coaches!


by Coach Matt