Meet David Kaz!

Almost 4 years ago David Kaz rolled into Celebration CrossFit in a wheelchair. Yes, you read that right… he could hardly move. He was recovering from a debilitating back injury that led him to a low point in his life. Being a former professional baseball player, his main goal was to get back on the field, both playing and coaching the sport that he loves. Doctors told him he would never play the game or lift weights again. But, David decided that wasn’t going to be the way things happened for him. He decided to take control of his situation.

His goals were to be pain free from his back injury, lose weight, enhance his strength, flexibility and speed. He started his CrossFit journey slowly with Personal Training & the Paleo Diet. 6 months later David had lost 30lbs and his back pain significantly decreased. David made it back to the baseball field, eventually and thankfully, both playing and coaching in FL, China, and Europe. He is one of the top baseball coaches in the Central FL area, and leads his athletes by example. He preaches a healthy lifestyle to his pupils, and he follows the exact same regimen himself.

In late 2015 David, sadly, faced another uphill battle. Cancer. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and months of being bedridden, he was, unfortunately, back to ground zero with his health. But, once again, his hardships didn’t stop him. His will and determination brought him back to Celebration CrossFit for a second round, and he hasn’t looked back.

Where is he now??

So, here we are 3 months later, he has lost 27lbs, and he is doing better than ever, both physically and mentally! He works hard, never stops, and motivates his fellow classmates day in and day out. Keep it up, David. We look forward to helping you achieve your current and future goals.

David Kaz