Following up last week’s post about the CrossFit Open, today we will talk about the second workout for this year. 20.2 was a triplet for a long 20 minute AMRAP. Endurance and stamina were the name of the game. Here is what you can take out of it, and how you can use it to progress your fitness.

CrossFit Open 20.2:


4 DB Thrusters 50/35#

6 Toes-to-bar

24 Double-unders


Theoretical Hierarchy of Development

First of all, this workout is a perfect representation of the Theoretical Hierarchy of Development pyramid we talked about last week. Metabolic conditioning is the biggest portion of the pyramid, followed by gymnastics and weightlifting. That is clearly shown in this workout, where the biggest chunk comes from conditioning (DU), then gymnastics (t2b) and finally weightlifting (thrusters). Like we mentioned last week, most people invert the order of these because weightlifting and gymnastics are “cool”.

M/ W/ G

Another aspect of CrossFit that is often overlooked is the mixed modalities within each workout. The three main domains CrossFit uses are Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics and monostructural cardiovascular activities. Obviously we are not limited to that, as we use dumbbells and kettlebells, perform strongman and powerlifting movements, and track and field exercises.

In 20.2 we see that all of these modalities are represented. The toughest workouts, both physically and mentally, are the ones that incorporate the most varied movements, sets, time domains and loads. It challenges the most amount of physical skills and it tests your overall fitness. Combining gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural work is usually something we don’t like to do, but necessary for fitness.

Develop your skills

Finally, it reminds us that skills are important, and something often overlooked. Toes-to-bar and double-unders are low level skills. Not much is needed to learn these skills. Obviously, toes-to-bar have some minor requirements but it is still considered a basic movement. That means if you struggle with them, it’s on you. Getting whipped by the rope and having your hands hurt is not fun, but with time and effort ANYBODY can master these skills.

20.2 was a long and grueling workout. It reminded us that we need to focus on building and learning skills, improving our “engine” and get as varied as we can in our workouts. Fitness is a lifelong journey, take this experience as a way to tackle your weaknesses and become a healthier you.

If you have any questions on how to get started, come chat with one of your Celebration CrossFit coaches today!


by Coach Matt