Is CrossFit safe for my kids?

In today’s society, more than ever before, kids are shying away from physical activities as part of their day-to-day due to shining screens of iPads, phones and computers. If we think about when we were kids, our favorite memories have probably been of us spending time playing with friends outside, maybe even getting ourselves in trouble, and only returning home when it gets dark out. Not only kids are being deprived of experiencing such nostalgic events, but they are also falling behind in their physical condition. Sitting for hours, often with bad posture, has been shown to be detrimental to health. This problem is twice as bad when it’s been shown that, on average, not only they are less active throughout the day, but they are choosing to stay indoors with their gadgets even when they have the opportunity to do something physical.

Here at Celebration CrossFit, we are trying to reverse this cycle with our kids classes. We believe CrossFit offers one of the best ways to get the young ones in a healthy journey right away. The benefits from this activity go beyond physical health.

Here are some reasons why:



Being on time, paying attention, waiting for your turn and cleaning up after yourself are a few rules we preach everyday. Every athlete learns that he or she needs discipline to become a better athlete, classmate and student. Discipline is a habit, the more we practice it the faster it will become an automatic response. The best time to build healthy habits is early on, so they can stick for a longer time.


Body image has become a big topic in recent years and self-loving is a message that needs to be spread and it is one that we live by. Love your body and what you can do with it. In CrossFit we want to improve your work capacity and show you anything is possible if you work hard for it. Learning to love yourself and your body builds confidence and confidence can completely change someone.

Physical activity:

If you scroll through our feed, or read our blog posts, you have a pretty good idea of the amazing physical benefits of CrossFit. Power, strength, stamina and cardiovascular capacity are some of the traits your kids will improve on during the course.

Sports performance:

Because of the nature of CrossFit workouts, full-body functional movements, the fitness improvements carry on from the gym to the field/court/track. Most of the time, sports teams’ practices are very specific and the activities don’t translate to real life. In CrossFit we strive to make individuals well rounded so they can tackle and conquer any activity they come upon.


Emotional health:

Exercise improves mood, by the release of endorphin, and makes you more relaxed, helping you sleep better. It has positive effects on conditions like depression, ADHD and anxiety. It also improves memory and it’s a potent stress reliever.

Improved school performance:

Many articles have linked physical activity with improved school performance. More oxygen flow to the brain, along with more neurotransmitters, and increased focus and problem solving-skills are some “side effects” of being active.


Even though CrossFit is a competitive sport, there is nothing but support and encouragement going on during workouts. High-fives, shout outs and smiles are an everyday occurrence at the gym. Sportsmanship is something that can be missed on other sports, due to the desire to beat your opponent, but it is something we like to teach our athletes, starting with the kids, because it has a great effect on the other athletes.

Not only are these improvements essential for kids’ physical and emotional growth alone, but they also work together on building excellent health habits that will stick with them for a lifetime.

If you want to start your children in our kids class, our next 6-weeks course will start on January 13th 2018. To register just follow this link.


by Coach Matt