Are you a contender or a pretender? We hear this phrase all the time in sports. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football, the teams that go the distance, they all have one thing in common. And, it’s the constant pursuit of excellence. They focus on every detail, including their weaknesses.  Successful athletes strive for excellence in everything they do to eventually achieve their full potential.

Having played multiple sports throughout my life, I can see direct correlations between life and the gridiron. In high school, my football team was a “pretender”. Yes, we had some great games, but we never reached our full potential. Most of the guys were just happy to be there, so they didn’t want to focus on every detail. They didn’t want to do the things necessary to win. Unfortunately, this is a common theme that we find throughout life.

One of the biggest self-tragedies is when someone never reaches their full potential. I see it every day in the gym. At Celebration CrossFit, we have athletes that have been training with us for 2 to 4 years, and they are still getting better. These are the “contenders”. Most of the people I speak with are too busy making excuses… a.k.a. the “pretenders”. These people never even try to reach their full potential.  They would rather sit on the couch and slowly wither away. Majority of people will start and see a few great results, but then eventually fall off due to becoming content with settling for just a few great results. Versus, achieving an infinite amount of great results over a lifetime.

One of the hardest of parts my job is seeing what happens to a person when they fall off the wagon. Seeing someone, who was once on their way to fulfilling their potential, gain all their weight back and simply give up is heartbreaking. Preventing this from happening to you is what gets me out of bed at 4am. I want to provide the best training program, facility, and coaching on the planet. I want to reach my full potential in everything I do to then assist you in doing the same. So, the question is, are you TRULY doing everything in your power to reach your FULL potential?

In Strength,

Erik Lipetz — Head Coach/Owner
Celebration CrossFit

contender or pretender