No other time of the year is as tough on athletes as the Holiday season. Bad diet, parties, travels, cold temperatures outside, you name it. All of which builds inconsistency in the gym. Coming back to your workout routine might seem like a herculean task. Here is how you can go though the Holiday season undamaged, ready for the new year.

  • Don’t stress over missing days

When you committed to start working out you didn’t sign up to come 5 days a week at the 6am class until YOU DIE. Not coming to class does not make you a “lazy slob”. It’s okay to miss days. Life gets in the way. This is a busy time of year and there are things that you must do and people you want to be with. Enjoy it! Whenever things start to calm down you can slowly build up that routine you had going.

Not stressing over it will make it less of a deal to come back.

  • Don’t look at the WOD

There is never a perfect “comeback” day. If you’ve been in a funk lately you will find every excuse not to come to the gym. “There’s burpees in the workout”, “I hate thrusters” and “I’ll just try again tomorrow” all can be avoided by not looking at the WOD. It doesn’t matter what movement is in the workout, who is coming to that class or what score you’ll get. The most important thing is that you’ll be here.

Hopefully, since the start of your CrossFit journey, you’ve learned to be ready for the unknown and unknowable.

  • Stop by the gym

You don’t have to come and workout. Come to say hi, to cheer on your friends or to tell your coaches what has been going on. Everybody cares about you and we would like to help you anyway we can. Accountability is big part of commitment. Having an honest conversation with your friends and coaches can help you be accountable during your comeback.

Anytime you want to chat, we are here for you!

  • Acknowledge the present

If you were gone for a while, you won’t be in the same place you were before. Comparing yourself with where you were months ago usually carries a negative effect. Fitness, just like anything in life, is not a straight line. And that is okay. There are ups and downs. What matters is what the average looks like. You might have missed 2 weeks, but maybe before that you came in consistently for 2 months. That small break is okay and will not set you back tremendously.

You trained hard to get where you are today. Do your best today!

  • Watch your self-talk

Many people think there is a discrepancy between the body and mind. “I want this but my mind/body is saying no”. So we blame our actions on this mysterious entity inside us. Who is part of us but at the same time we don’t know much about. If you get to know that person you can create that body and mind connection, and re-wire how you act.

It all starts with being aware of how you talk to yourself. When things get difficult and out of the norm, are you hard on yourself? Do you use negative words and emotions to describe the situation? Who do you blame? Once you are aware of your inner dialogue you can start to edit them. Obviously this is much harder than it sounds. But there are ways to practice it and there is a way to improve it.

Your self-talk can be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally.

No matter how long your break is, or what you did during your time off, we at Celebration CrossFit will always be happy to see you back!


by Coach Matt