I might be biased, but there are many reasons why I think CrossFit is the best workout regimen out there. Sense of community, results of fitness, how much fun we have together, the challenges of learning new skills. But one reins above all: the ability to make you comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Hence CrossFit being the complete package. Being uncomfortable is part of life. It is also a mental challenge to not give in, break down and avoid uncomfortable scenarios. And that’s precisely what we try to strengthen in CrossFit, your ability to endure those situations.

Not everybody is capable of doing this, and it sure isn’t something that comes naturally. There’s nothing comfortable about picking up a heavy barbell. Or failing reps over and over when learning a new skill. Or pushing yourself hard until you’re struggling, and then pushing past that. But that’s what will give you the ability to keep improving, inside and outside of the gym.

I believe as a coach, and I’m sure most of you have experienced this, I need to encourage people to get outside of their comfort zone. Not just for the health and fitness benefits of it, but because most people are afraid, or apprehensive about challenging themselves to that extent. By allowing fear or doubt to take over, they not only miss out on some intensity and gains, but they also condition themselves to always stay in their comfort zone.

Life won’t always throw lemons at you, but part of living is learning to make lemonade with whatever is sent your way. There will be countless tough moments, but it is often HOW we respond to those challenges that will shape our character and the outcome. Being mentally tough and capable of staying comfortable with the uncomfortable is a tremendous skill to have, and something you can work at here at Celebration CrossFit.

Learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable is a mental feat as much as it is a physical one. The best exercise routines will challenge both your body and your mind. The goal is for you to be a healthier person overall, in every aspect of life. And why CrossFit doesn’t have an end goal. It’s a lifestyle and there will always be something you can improve on. Challenge yourself and try to learn how to get comfortable when it gets tough.


by Coach Matt