What’s better? 6 pack abs that you can show of at the beach? Or, a stable strong core that will have a dramatic effect on your overall performance at the gym and in life?

Unfortunately, having a stable midline or “core” is one of the most overlooked aspects in training. We typically think that doing crunches, and sit-ups will do the trick. This is not true. Yes, it is cool to have your abs popping out but that doesn’t mean you have a strong midline. Many people get injured due to poor core strength and stability. It’s prevalent in lifts like the backsquat and deadlift. If you round your back while doing these, then chances are you core is weak.  Lacking a strong and stable midline is also one of the reasons you are not getting stronger in the gym. Especially in overhead movements.

In this instructional video, Coach JC takes you through some of his favorite ADVANCED midline stability drills. Watch and try and try them out!