February 2019

How to prepare for the CrossFit Open?


As the Open has been approaching, we've been talking about what it is, why you should do it and what it means. The first workout is released this Thursday, when we have our first Open Throwdown. Most of us will get to do the workout on Friday, during regular group classes. Like we talked about [...]

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What is the CrossFit Open?


For many of us, the CrossFit Open was synonymous with the beginning of the "CrossFit season". It meant that an exciting time started, when athletes worldwide would compete for a chance to move on to"Regionals" and possibly the "CrossFit Games". But things changed this year. The Open is not the beginning of the season anymore [...]

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Burpee: The Best Exercise Movement


The word "burpee" alone might stir some emotions in you. Some people like them, most people hate them. But the truth is: the burpee is the king when it comes to exercise movements. If you were given the choice to pick a single movement to do for the rest of your life... yes, it should [...]

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January 2019

Nutritional habits


Ever heard the saying "You are what you eat"?. Well, it's not totally true. You are what you eat, AND don't excrete. You might be following a diet very strictly, but not see any results. Maybe, even though you are eating all the right macros, you are unable to fully absorb them. One explanation for [...]

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Happiness, Fulfillment & Life


Fitness is a broad term. Health is a broad term. They incorporate many aspects of life. And even though we are a CrossFit gym, and work on the physical part of Fitness, we care about every part of your health. Because if you are unhappy and unmotivated you will mostly likely not put a lot [...]

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Awareness in Fitness


Fitness has forever been embedded in external motivators. Every diet or exercise machine commercial has smiling, good looking and athletic people in it. Even though those are not the audience they target. On social media, all we see is how much weight is lifted or how fast people complete workouts. Sometimes we get caught up [...]

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How to create resolutions


Last week, we dove in the reasons why the New Years is an important time to set your resolutions for 2019. That is no shocker. But most people do not know how to properly set goals. The difference between dreams and goals is the clear vision of what it will take you to get there. [...]

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New year… new you?


And just like that, we have entered 2019! A full year has ended and a new one is just starting. If you look around you (mostly on social media) you will be overwhelmed by year recaps, new year resolutions and positive statements about 2019. Although I am not someone for bland statements and resolutions, I [...]

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December 2018

Coming back to the gym


No other time of the year is as tough on athletes as the Holiday season. Bad diet, parties, travels, cold temperatures outside, you name it. All of which builds inconsistency in the gym. Coming back to your workout routine might seem like a herculean task. Here is how you can go though the Holiday season [...]

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Balancing running and CrossFit


We live in Central Florida, which means we either know someone or are someone who chooses running as their main sport. If you have ever trained for long races you probably had the feeling of "I need to do more". It turns into countless miles and a large amount of time spent in your running [...]

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