April 2019

Sleep and CrossFit


Sleep is, along with nutrition, the base of recovery. If you are training for anything, recovery should be a priority. We beat ourselves up at the gym, but the growing stronger part happens outside of it. The benefits of a good night's sleep are well documented, but how does it affect recovery for CrossFit, specifically? [...]

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Nutrition: Putting it First


Nutrition: Putting it First How many hours do you spend at the gym? You are most likely spending 1 hour a day, or 3-5 hours a week working hard to achieve your weight loss goals. Of course, what you do at the gym is an integral part of looking and feeling better, but it is not THE [...]

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Managing time


"Time" in today's culture has become one of our most treasured possessions (as if you really could possess time). We want to have time to do the things we want, and also the things we don't want but have to do. And in this struggle between chores and activities, time slips off our hands. We [...]

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T-Shirt Time


T-Shirt Time is upon us again! Our Summer 2019 Designs are below, please email [email protected] with the following information to place an order: **** If you are a Drop-in, please send an email with your order to [email protected] that also includes your mailing address for shipping. Domestic Shipping is $7 -- and -- international shipping [...]

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March 2019

Post Open Planning


The 2019 CrossFit Open is over. Every year we are challenged by 5 workouts, throughout 5 weeks, that make us push our limits and also show us some weaknesses in our fitness. Often, these struggles are really only shown during the Open. So it's important take a few minutes, look back at it and identify [...]

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19.5 Recap


And just like that, the Open in 2019 is over. The last workout was, as it always is, a brutal one. At the end of these 5 weeks, hopefully you were able to improve your fitness, challenge yourself to go a little further, get a few PRs and have some fun! Next week I will [...]

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19.4 Recap


The second to last CrossFit Open workout happened last week and it was a burner. So far, we've learned a great deal from the Open and hopefully you've grown as an athlete and as a person through this process. 19.4 was about effort. How hard can you work and how well can you recover. 19.4 [...]

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19.3 Recap


This week's CrossFit Open workout was definitely an interesting one. A few movements that we haven't seen in past Open's and a rep scheme that was brutally challenging made 19.3 almost not seem like a CrossFit workout. Like it or hate it, another workout is over and another lesson learned. 19.3 was: --FOR TIME-- 200 [...]

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19.2 Recap


Every year during the CrossFit Open, one workout is repeated from a previous Open year. It reflects a big part of what CrossFit is about: Measurements. Testing and re-testing workouts gives us the ability to see whether or not our fitness has improved. You might've gotten stronger, but if you slacked off on conditioning, those [...]

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February 2019

Your “Why” & Why It Is Important


"Knowing Your Why"   A Navy Seal once told me, “If you’re not where you want to be in life, then you need to take a long deep look at yourself in the mirror.” What he was saying is this… you need to truly ask yourself the hard questions. You may not like the answers, [...]

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