December 2018

Balancing running and CrossFit


We live in Central Florida, which means we either know someone or are someone who chooses running as their main sport. If you have ever trained for long races you probably had the feeling of "I need to do more". It turns into countless miles and a large amount of time spent in your running [...]

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A proper Warm-Up


Every workout should have a warm-up prior to it. Regardless of type of workout, duration or age of athlete. A good warm-up will benefit your mind as much as it benefits your body. But what does a proper warm-up look like? The way you start your workout depends on what your workout is. There are [...]

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November 2018

A long term commitment


In the age of "6-pack abs in 60 days", Netflix and Amazon Prime, we've grown accustomed to receive instant gratification. If you don't text someone back in 10 minutes, something might be wrong. Not that long ago we used to send pigeons as text carries. REAL pigeons. Anyway, we assume most things can be achieved [...]

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Why functional fitness?


Functional exercises have taken the spotlight in the last few years amongst the fitness industry. Kettlebells, battle ropes, steel maces and medicine balls have substituted cable machines and treadmills. Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, powerlifting and other modalities are being practiced by everyday athletes looking to improve performance, but mostly importantly, their quality of life. How's [...]

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October 2018

Hinge vs Squat


Arguably the two most essential movements a human being can do, the hinge and the squat often get misunderstood. It is not uncommon to see people squatting when they should hinge and vice versa. In CrossFit, many exercises are built upon these two movement patterns. Even though they are simple movements, many people have trouble [...]

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Nutrition while traveling


A few weeks ago, I posted an article about 'Training while traveling'. Well, that's just part of what a fitness lifestyle engulfs. Having a proper nutrition while traveling can prove itself to be even more of a challenge than exercising while away. Again, we receive a lot of tourists at our gym and many of [...]

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Isolation movements in CrossFit


CrossFit is synonymous with "Constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity". Funtional movements are related to total body exercises, because in life there are very limited occasions in which you will perform an isolation movement. Think about curls, when do you perform a nice, strict, elbows-tight, bicep-only driven curl? Or any other isolation [...]

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The Glycemic Index


Diet and nutrition are a very complicated and underrated part of fitness. The reason is not so much that it's hard to understand, but there are just a lot to it. Is it about how much you eat? Can you balance that with the idea of calories in VS calories out? Or is it about [...]

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September 2018

Self esteem in CrossFit


Let's not kid ourselves, one of the reasons you started working out is to look better naked. Sure, the health benefits, the increased energy, the greater functional capacity and the improved mood are a plus, but to achieve the body you want is a major goal for most. Each person has their own vision of [...]

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Self Talk


Your inner dialogue with yourself is just as important inside the gym as it is outside the gym. As humans, we have preconceptions and beliefs about our capabilities, which can hinder or promote our performance. A common example is public speaking. How you mentally prepare for it can dictate how well you will do at [...]

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