The Carl Johnson Story: CCF Athlete Feature

Meet Carl Johnson! 3 and a half years ago, he walked into Celebration CrossFit for the first time needing a lifestyle change. Hesitant at first, little did Carl know that his life forever changed from that moment on. Carl’s younger brother Craig had been training at CCF for a few months at the time, and he kept pushing Carl to come in for his 1st session.

A little of a back-story on Carl… he was once fit as can be and a superb athlete (and still is a great athlete with some of the best box jumps at CCF). He played professional soccer in England for Everton’s Academy, Stoke City, and Bristol City. Once his professional soccer days came to an end, he found himself out of shape, not eating well, and needing direction with his fitness.  After moving to the US, Carl struggled with his health for a few years. Carl is not one to make excuses, AT ALL; but, coming to a new country was challenging, both mentally and physically.

Let’s get back to his first session at CCF… his first workout was a simple body weight circuit of squats, push-ups and pull-ups. It took him a week to recover. Most people would have quit, but not Carl Johnson. After realizing how badly out of shape he was, he decided to push forward. And, man are we glad that he did. Hard work truly pays off.

Over the years, he has consistently trained 4-6 days a week. His dedication has led him to see incredible changes to both his body and mind. From his 25% range of motion air squats on Day 1 to his full range of motion Over Head Squats today, 3 and a half years later, there is nothing but a feeling of joy that comes to mind when we think of Carl.

One of the things that makes Carl a true CrossFit athlete is his desire to compete with himself. He doesn’t worry about others, and he doesn’t focus on the leaderboard. He comes into the Box, day in and day out, just trying to do better that he did the day before. Carl controls the things he can control and works hard at his weaknesses, ALWAYS with a smile on his face.

CrossFit has also led Carl to living an active life outside of the gym. From racing and traveling to being a vegan for about a year and a half now, he has turned a complete 180 from when he first walked into Celebration CrossFit. Carl is coming up on his 3rd year of the CrossFit Open in late February, and we cannot wait to see his progress.

Carl, keep up the hard work, mate! You are a wonderful athlete and an even better friend. We look forward to seeing you finishing 2017 strong and progressing through 2018.

carl johnson