Arturo Ayala is the definition of perseverance and NO EXCUSES. Due to an undiagnosed heart defect that has been around since birth, Arturo suffered a mild stroke back in March. 5 months later, after open heart surgery and extensive rehab, he is back to doing what he loves… CrossFit. Through the diagnoses process, surgery, and rehabilitation journey, Arturo’s Doctors told him one of the main reasons the stroke was “minor” versus “major” was due to his dedication to living a healthy life through CrossFit and Soccer.

Arturo represents everything we stand for here at Celebration CrossFit. He’s constantly setting and achieving new goals. He embodies the spirit of the CrossFit community by encouraging others to be the best that they can be in the gym. It’s been an amazing 2+ years (almost 3) working with him. And, we look forward to many more to come!