The CrossFit Open starts in 3 days (2/23) and many of us have already been trying to guess what the workouts are, trying to do extra work to “be ready for it” and planning our week ahead to make sure we are rested for the Open workouts. If you are signed up you might even be starting to get nervous. So, are you ready for the Open?

The short and simple answer is… NO. Nobody is ever ready for the Open. That is what makes it so interesting and fun. You might have been doing CrossFit for years now and think you’ve done every type of workout imaginable. Think again. There will be something in the Open that you have never even thought of. And if you have done something similar to it before, it will still feel totally different because, well, it’s the Open. It will push you physically and take you places mentally that we rarely go to in normal training. There will be good workouts and bad workouts. Some will make you proud, some will show you what you need to work on. Overall we all wish we could be better at something, to feel we are more “ready” to compete.

But the truth is: You ARE ready for the Open.


If you have been doing CrossFit for a while, you trained for months, maybe years, to get to where you are now. The Open will show you that. You will do things you couldn’t when you first started. Remember: Fitness is a journey, not a destination. All the hard-work you’ve put in the gym will pay off as you reach new heights these coming weeks. If you are new to CrossFit, congratulate yourself! You are taking a big step into controlling your health and overall fitness. You are probably doing something you didn’t imagine yourself doing prior to starting CrossFit. That not only takes guts but it shows you trust the process.

The Open is supposed to be a fun competition. Ultimately, all we are doing is working out with our friends, having a good time and cheering people on! Think about the Open as a time when the community gets together to celebrate fitness. You are a part of that celebration. We get to show what CrossFit, our coaches, peers and own blood, sweat and tears have helped us accomplish.

At this point there is nothing else you can do to help yourself get “ready” for the Open. Be in peace with that. You are the fittest you’ve ever been and any workout thrown at you can be completed. Don’t spend the next 5 weeks worrying about how you did on a workout or what the next workout will be. That will lead to stress, poor workouts and poor recovery.

And finally, no matter what the result is, you will have friends, peers and coaches cheering you on the whole time.We all want you to do your best and have a great Open experience. Before, during and after each workout you can expect many high fives, screams and congratulations. This is an event we will all do and suffer through together. The Open will create moments for a lifetime. Soon you will find yourself looking back to this competition and nothing but good memories will come to mind.

Now let’s get after it!

by Coach Matt