Are you an athlete?

Are you an athlete?

The word “athlete” gets tossed around very often these days. According to sporting brands, if you have a body and you do physical activity, you are an “athlete”. That is a great marketing campaign, but how far can you take that until people realize what really takes to be an athlete? Defining that word is as hard as doing Murph. Many people get their livelihood from being athletes, and “social-media-fitness-gurus” are everywhere, but who really is an athlete?

If you run 3 times a week, or play volleyball on the weekends, or come to a few CrossFit classes every month, but neglect all other health marks and healthy habits, and call yourself an “athlete” you are not only lying to yourself but you are actually disrespecting people who give everything for their sport. It is like if I called myself a doctor because I watch House and took Anatomy in college. In no way I am trying to make real athletes seem “superior” to non-athletes, but it is important for people to know and understand the difference.

If you have taken a CrossFit class you probably have heard the phrase “in CrossFit there is always something to get better on”. That is not far from the truth at all. CrossFit incorporates movements from many modalities: cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, strongman, etc.. and it is nearly impossible for someone to master all of those movements. Specialists on those modalities train for years and rarely get to the point where they know everything there is to know there. In CrossFit we do not aim to create specialists, but someone who is very capable across all modalities. This gives a lot of room for us to grow in each sport alone.

Our narrow vision of an athlete (but most correct) is professional players that earn a living playing a sport. The common trend between them, what REALLY makes them athletes, is not what most people think it is.


Most will mistakenly say it’s that they all play a sport for a living. But the real reason why they are athletes is that the sport IS their life. Performance comes above everything else. They plan their nutrition, recovery, trips, family events, and anything else that can possibly affect their performance. They have a thirst for knowledge, and physical and mental improvement. Athletes are never satisfied with where they are, always wanting to become more, to become better. Being an athlete is more closely related to a profession than with a hobby.

When it comes to CrossFit, being an athlete means putting your health and fitness atop of your priority list. It means never settling with where you are now. It is always wanting to learn new movements and always striving to become better at something. If you are just starting your journey with us, remember that it takes time, and there are ups and downs, but if you commit to this lifestyle you will get the benefits. If you have been doing CrossFit for a while now, keep in mind what are things that you need to work on or things you want to learn how to do.

At Celebration CrossFit we are more than happy to help you with either. If there is something from your lifestyle that is keeping you from getting those health markers, or if you just want to learn new skills or get better at the ones you already have, talk to a coach today!

by Coach Matt