Our bodies are incredible machines. They change and morph and adapt to all kinds of scenarios. They allow us to move around, endure stress, carry weights, work and put our thoughts into actions. Over the years, our bodies have changed. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Different scenarios and different stimulus force our bodies to adapt.

Adaptation is our bodies response to stress. Healthy amounts of stress (paired with sufficient rest time) allows us to become more resilient to that stress. Ongoing stress, and the same kind of stress, becomes chronic and it’s detrimental to health. This stress can be physical, mental or both. The adaptation process happens either way.

But adapting, and improving, requires a certain amount of stress. A high enough level that requires your body to be better than its “normal” stage. If I can swing a 50 lbs kettlebell but I do a workout with a 35 lbs one, this stress isn’t enough to require my body to change and adapt (unless I do a ton of repetitions, or on a tempo, or superset, but these scenarios are rare in CrossFit). Similarly, if I have been using a 15 lbs bar for a few months, I probably have already adapted to that feeling/weight and need new stimulus to keep improving. The secret to a healthy and steady improvement is delivering enough stress will require adaptation but not too much that will lead to mental and physical breakdown.

I often hear “but that is the way I’ve always done this”. Without changes we remain stagnant. What to see results? Change the way you workout. Find a more challenging hobby. Start doing things in a different way. Our bodies are amazing and their ability to adapt is really impressive. But we often get caught up in our routines and doing things the way we have always done them. There is a great quote that says:

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Are you ready to see how much your body can change, adapt and improve? Come talk to one of your Celebration CrossFit coaches and let’s figure out how you can challenge yourself to keep improving!



by Coach Matt