Having goals is the best way to make long lasting changes in our life. We should always strive to better ourselves: in our work, fitness or personal life.One of the best feelings in the world comes from the satisfaction of achieving our goals. Most of us start the year, the month or the week with a goal in mind. As time passes, however, we have a tendency of “losing steam” in our determination to reach our goals. Sometimes, the reason why we starting losing determination in achieving our goal has to do with our BUT. Let’s review this a little deeper…

Don’t lose focus

Often with a health and fitness goal, after some progress, our minds start playing tricks on us. It can tell us it’s OK to start adding more desserts, not logging our foods, not meal prepping, or skipping a workout. We may also find that we are using the word BUT more, and making excuses for these behaviors that we know will make it harder for us to achieve our goals. Let’s look at some examples…

  • I’ve had some great progress this year, losing 10#, BUT I really hate logging my food
  • I’ve gained some consistency with eating more real food, BUT I really hate spending time in the kitchen. 

After having some success with meeting our short term goals and gaining consistency with healthy habits, it is time to really strengthen our mindset. This is an important time to challenge our thoughts in order to achieve your long term goals. Look at your dialogue and challenge yourself to come up with different thoughts if you notice that you are starting to use the word BUT to make excuses for behaviors that could stomp your progress.

Shrink your BUT

Remind yourself of WHY you are working hard to achieve your goals and reframe those statements to shrink the size of your BUT. Here are some alternatives to the statements above:  

  • I know that food logging will help me stay accountable to eating the right foods and in the right portions. 
  • My work week is busy, and I know that meal prep helps me make better choices during these busy times of the week. It’s worth the small investment once a week to have a healthier week ahead. 

To improve your chances of achieving your long term goals, you must shrink the size of your BUT. If you need help setting goals or refocusing on your current goals, talk to any of the coaches at Celebration CrossFit and we will help you get on track.

By coach Keren