Celebration CrossFit’s 28-Day Partner Nutrition Challenge 

Find your favorite person, whether inside of the gym or out. It can be a family member, a friend, or, of course, a CCF athlete. And, get ready for 28 Days of FOCUS. You will team up, hold each other accountable, and kick-start your nutrition journey.

The ACTUAL Challenge starts on June 3rd.

However, we will host a Challenge Seminar on June 1st, at Celebration CrossFit, to hand out all meal plans, review the rules for the challenge, and answer any last minute questions you or your teammate might have.

If you are unable to attendend the Challenge Seminar, it is OK. You will pick up your meal plan before hand (or it can be emailed to you), and the Seminar will be LIVE streamed on Facebook.

Each Challenge Participant is required to book their Pre-Challenge InBody Scan during the date range of May 27th-May31st. There are SPECIFIC guidelines that are required to be follow for your InBody Scan to occur. We will review these will you before your InBody Scan.

Challenge Breakdown:

  • 28 Days
  • Teams of two
  • Your partner does not have to be a CCF Athlete
  • Open to the Publlc
  • Only 50 Spots available (people not teams, so only 25 teams)
  • A Pre & Post Challenge InBody Scan is included in the Challenge price.
  • You will receive meal plans & Shopping Lists
  • We will host weekly Mini-Challenges for a chance for participants to win a prize!
  • Weekly Virtual Check-ins from your Nutrition Coach
  • Weekly Video’s with Tips, Tricks, & Recipes
  • Meal plans are based solely on your body type and goals.

The winning team is determined based on 2 measurements… total fat mass lost + total muscle mass gained for each person added together. For Example: If Sally loses 3.24% body fat over the 28 days & gains 2.14% of muscle mass. And, her partner loses 2.51% body fat & gains 3.52% muscle mass, their total score will be 11.41 for the challenge. This score will be compared to other teams. The highest scoring team will win the Challenge.

The above measurements level the playing field for all participants. Whether you are looking to add lean muscle mass, lose fat mass, or both… no one person has an advantage over someone else due to the Nutrition Coach only considering the above measurements.

The winning team will receive 2 baskets (1 for each teammate). Each basket will include a Trader Joe’s GIft Card, an Air Fryer or CrockPot, and 1 month of FREE On-Going Celebration CrossFit Nutrition Coaching written by Registered Dietitian, Nicole Aucoin of Healthy Steps Nutrition. 


Register for the Challenge HERE


Please Register for the Challenge BEFORE May 29th.

Once you’re registered for the Challenge, your Nutrition Coach will reach our to schedule your InBody scan for the week of May 27th.

Please feel free to email nutrition@celebrationcrossfit.com with any questions.

Foodies Unite!

– Keren