This week’s CrossFit Open workout was definitely an interesting one. A few movements that we haven’t seen in past Open’s and a rep scheme that was brutally challenging made 19.3 almost not seem like a CrossFit workout. Like it or hate it, another workout is over and another lesson learned.

19.3 was:


200 ft. Dumbbell Overhead Lunges

50 DB Box Step Ups

50 Strict Handstand Push Ups

200 ft. Handstand Walk



So how do these 4 complicated movements fit into CrossFit and what can we learn from it?

In my opinion, there are two main take-aways from 19.3:

  • Odd movements are a part of CrossFit.

  • Not every workout is meant to be a burner.


Many people assimilate CrossFit with a few movements. Snatches, muscle-ups, wallballs and rowing are a few of them. And although we practice them often, CrossFit is about being ready for the unknown and unknowable. Therefore, simply working these movements in the standard way won’t do it. Are you good at snatches with a barbell? How about with a DB? Or with a pair of KB’s? Can you do handstand push ups? What about strict? Or from parallettes?

The point is, do not get comfortable. Find different ways of challenging yourself. Use different equipment. Battle ropes, kegs, tires, hammers, d-balls. Be ready for anything and be quick to figure out how to get work done. Using odd objects and doing odd movements are all about athleticism and adaptability. These two attributes are a big part of fitness.

The second lesson is that not every CrossFit workout is meant to be leaving you on the ground, gasping for air as your muscles burn, unlike many people think. Some workouts are meant to be grueling. Slow and heavy. Taking your time figuring out each rep rather than just go go go.

CrossFit is more than just a workout routine. It is, as cliche as that sounds, a way of life. Mostly because it transcends the gym. What we do here should transfer to your regular life. And in our real life, not every physical task is going to be an all out sprint. Some tests will take creativity and grinding to get done.

Every year the CrossFit Open introduces new movements and new ways of doing old movements. One of CrossFit’s new values is “Consistently learn and play new sports”. We should reflect that in our training by taking a break from the high intensity, fast-paced conditioning and get some new stimulus from these new movements.

If you want to start incorporating some strongman, odd objects, grinding workouts into your routine, let one of your Celebration CrossFit coaches know and we can get you started!


by Coach Matt